LIFE: Celebrating The Journey — Memorial Service Officiant Training

This program is designed for anyone who desires to learn more about this inevitable and often confusing part of life. This program is for ministers who desire a comprehensive training program to enhance their existing skills in dealing with death and dying. It is also designed for anyone desiring to create a career assisting families dealing with their grief and how best to honour their loved ones. Or maybe you have a desire to explore the topic of death and dying and how best to deal with your personal experience of life and living?

Create a new career, expand your knowledge or enhance what you are already doing as a minister, regardless, this program will provide you with the skill and comfort needed to support families in their time of need. This program is presented live via free video web online using

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Order the required textbook: “Life: Celebrating the Journey” by Barbara Schreiner-Trudel @ lulu.comSign up today to ensure your participation in this Memorial Service Officiant Training Course for only $799