Celebration of Life Memorials

When your loved one dies it creates a void in your life that can leave you with more questions than answers. Barbara has been facilitating Celebration of Life service or Memorials is 1998. Thought of as one of the most compassionate people in the industry she will create for you, your family and friends a service that celebrates and honours your loved one. She is honest, practical, creative and open to meeting the unique needs of your family. A Celebration of Life Service. is a thoughtful way to remember, to laugh, to grieve, but mostly it is designed to honour the life of the person you have lost. As Barbara assists people on their healing journey, she will also handle the details of the service while taking care to familiarize herself with you, your family, friends and your departed loved one. Each service is unique, Barbara will take time with you to discuss every aspect of the service: music, religious components, or not, people who will speak, etc. She will create a detailed account of your conversation and prepare a service that truly honours your family and friends.

Today people are planning non-traditional ways of saying good-bye and Barbara will work with you to create a warm, safe and beautiful service. These services can be held anywhere, a church, a funeral home, a backyard, a living room or at the beach, wherever you feel most comfortable. She will meet with you to discuss all aspects of the service so as to create a memorial that will assist family and friends in saying goodbye and beginning the healing process. Barbara also offers services to families who have experienced a miscarriage or abortion and are experiencing the grief they may fee. Saying goodbye and doing a ceremony can heal the pain and provide us with comfort. For more information contact Barbara.

Celebration of Life Memorial $600