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Life is challenging at times and it is helpful to hire a coach who can assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. Every life is unique as are the many experiences that may challenge us, Barbara is compassionate, direct and will design a program specific to your personal needs and goals.

Group Workshops

Barbara facilitates a series of training programs designed to assist you in living your BEST life. She has the ability to create a safe and sacred space where you may explore deep patterns, unwrap your belief systems and begin to move forward in creating your dream life. For more information contact Barbara.

Professional Speaker

Barbara is a powerful presenter who speaks from experience. Her message is “Power Through Authenticity”. Her life has provided her with the tools necessary to understand and empathize with the people she is speaking to. She is compassionate, kind and respectful. Her presentations are humorous, powerful and clear. She provides means and methods for accomplishing an authentic life and manifesting your dreams. Contact Barbara to have her speak to your next event.

Wedding Ceremonies

Make your ceremony as special and as memorable as the love you have found with each other. With 20+ years of years of experience as an ordained Minister Barbara is licensed to perform weddings in Ontario and with her experience she will create a memorable service for you.
Marriage Ceremony $600


What a sweet joy it is to welcome a new family member. A baby blessing is a celebration of new life and an opportunity to invite friends and family to participate in a spiritual/non-religious/religious ceremony that honours your growing family.
Christenings $300

Celebration of Life Memorials

A Celebration of life service is a thoughtful way to remember, to laugh, to grieve, but mostly it is designed to honour the life of the person you have lost. Barbara will assist you on your healing journey, She will also handle the details of the service while taking care to familiarize herself with you, your family and friends.
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Bonus Registration Gift

Register with Barbara and receive a Free mp3 copy of  “Spiritual Mind Treatment”.

Originally created by Dr. Ernest Holmes, this healing tool has been used by millions of people as an effective way to make change in their lives.

Simply fill out and submit the online form to receive this limited time offer.

Awakening The Goddess! This weekend program is designed to tap into your inner power, to release your divine potential. As women we tend to put other peoples needs ahead of our own - family, children, friends, work and social commitments. So, with that in mind I have developed the Awakening the Goddess Workshop for women just like you. SIGN UP TODAY!!

ONLY $149
LOCATION : To Be Announced


LIFE: Celebrating The Journey — Memorial Service Officiant Training

Trends are changing; and as fewer people attend church, the family may be unsure about what to do when a loved one dies. Explore your possibility of a career as an officiant of Memorial Services. Learn more about the course and scheduled dates and times.



30 Days to Joy - by Barbara Schreiner-Trudel

Love, wisdom, simplicity. These are the three fundamental ingredients at the heart of every single talk, seminar and conference Barbara Schreiner-Trudel has ever given, and they are the steadfast foundation upon which this book was written. Purchase your Copy now PURCHASE YOUR COPY NOW at lulu.com



30 Days of Love - by Barbara Schreiner-Trudel

How do we heal from the devastating trauma caused by disease, broken relationships, and mental and emotional turmoil? As a healing artist, I often hear my clients who are suffering and desire relief ask these questions. PURCHASE YOUR COPY NOW at lulu.com



30 Days of Gratitude by Barbara Schreiner-Trudel

What we think about we bring about. Whatever we focus our attention on will grow and expand. The power of our mind is quite remarkable, when used consciously it creates phenomenal results, bringing us exactly what we believe we can have. PURCHASE YOUR COPY NOW at lulu.com


30 Days of Forgiveness by Barbara Schreiner-Trudel

In 30 Days of Forgivness, author, coach and speaker Barbara Schreiner-Trudel shares the tools necessary to shift your heart, mind and soul into a place of real and lasting forgiveness. PURCHASE YOUR COPY NOW at lulu.com


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